What Are The Reasons Of Hiring A Wedding Stylist?

Weddings are always an important part of the life and everyone wants this day to be special enough. But most of the times, the couple do not have this much of the time that they could personally take care of every single aspect of the wedding but they need this day to be exceptional and without any discomfort and worries. The wedding décor is also a crucial aspect which enhance the beauty of this day. Now a day, there are number of wedding ceremony setup that you could choose from if you have an outdoor wedding venue and your wedding stylist could help you in the selection and creation of these. Having the wedding planner and the wedding stylists for your event saves you from many worries and responsibilities and you could save a lot of time and effort. There are number of benefits of hiring the wedding stylist and some of these are discussed below:

The pros of the wedding stylist:

Focused on every detail:

You must know that every small detail makes up the event and these details could only be handled by the professionals. It is highly likely that being an inexperienced person you do not take into account these details but you will be thrilled to see how the entire décor is enhanced by giving attention to these small details and it is the duty of the wedding stylist to do this.

Highly creative:

The wedding stylist from Melbourne have been in this field for years and they have arranged number of successful occasions. These individuals are trained to be more creative and their continuous practice has also helped him to be more innovative and unique. You will be amazed by the design ideas that these will have for you.

Takes care of your style and taste:

Hiring the wedding stylist does not mean that your personal taste and wish will not be considered but it is the foremost priority of the wedding stylist to determine what the client wants and how these style and décor could be implemented. Sometimes, the client has ideas but these are not organized and are different. The wedding stylist help the client to understand what he actually wants and how he wants it by showing them various designs and décor templates.

Whatever the venue is, a right wedding stylist could transform it:

There is no limit to the particular kind of the wedding venue, it could be an outdoor setting in some farmhouse, near the beach or in some marquee as well. All you have to do is tell your wedding stylist what design and décor you want and he will transform your ideas and visions into reality.


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What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf also referred as the artificial turf is made from the polyethylene plastic. This has become very famous in many countries across the world. Many and many fields of the grass are converted to the synthetic turf but there has been a discussion that is it better and healthy and what are the advantages and disadvantage of replacing this from the natural turf. Some of these are discussed below:
What are the pros of installing the synthetic turf?

Lower maintenance:

The initial cost of installing the synthetic turf is more than the natural turf but once you have installed it then it does not need much maintenance at all. Although this also is dependent on the quality of the synthetic turf that how long will it last but most of these are good quality synthetic turfs.

No more pesticides required:

In natural grass and turf you need to add the pesticides to keep the pest away and not only this but the fertilizers to keep the grass growing and fresh but this is not required in case of the synthetic turf.

Much more durable:

The turf supplies in Brisbane is much more durable and therefore this is the increasing choice of most of the fields because these could be played on all the times. In natural grass and turf, the rain and the fall season damages the grass and it cannot be used for this time. Due to which, many games could be cancelled. This is one of the major advantage of the synthetic turf.

Saves water and injuries:

The synthetic turf is even place which does not need to be watered every day and thus saving a lot of water and not only this, if the players fall on the natural grass then the area of this grass is torn by it and which eventually turns into the mud which are even more slippery and this could then cause more injuries.

What are the cons of the synthetic turf?


The synthetic turf is not good choice for the hot and humid areas since the material absorbs the heat and due to which it is very difficult to play on it during this hot season. This high temperature synthetic turf is not comfortable to play on for the players.


The synthetic turf uses the lead in the making and lead is not safe for human. Even a small amount of lead could be deadly for the humans. Although there are synthetic turf companies available that are now developing the lead free turfs but these are only custom designed.